What you return to changes because you have changed.

- Steven Foster

Underneath our lives with their veneer of control and predictability, a deep, profound truth still resonates in us;  by some grace, our souls still whisper to us, our wildness still calls to us, and it is up to us whether we listen.

~Renee Askins

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               About Owl & Hawk Passages

Owl & Hawk is a community of Wilderness Quest guides committed to re-awakening the human relationship with the Natural world. Our programs provide opportunities for you to deepen your relationship with Nature as it nourishes and teaches you. We integrate ancient & contemporary wisdom practices to reveal inner sacred journeys, as well as to cultivate open-hearted relationships and a loving dialogue with your deepest self and with all life.


The Great Horned Owl and the Red-Tailed Hawk are the companion birds of night and day. The sun and the sky, the stars and the moon, all offer their nourishment and wisdom, as do the creatures of daytime and nighttime. As the dark and light create the natural cycles, so do the dark and light of human nature make us whole. One cannot exist without the other. It is necessary for us to embrace our imperfections as much as our gifts, and to integrate both to create wholeness. Owl & Hawk Passages provides guided programs for you to explore your wholeness and to finding your place as an essential part of the fabric of the entire Earth community.

Any time that is set aside with intention and gratitude is sacred time. Through

Ceremony, Solo Quests, Talking Council, Movement, Relaxation, Journaling,

and other practices, Owl & Hawk programs offer you the sacred time to:

- relax and be present to Nature’s gifts

- deepen your relationships with Self and others

- connect with non-human beings

- create intentions and identify your Soul purpose

- heal wounds and celebrate transitions

- integrate your gifts into your community and your everyday life

- experience more joy, vitality, and peace

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