Solitude is not withdrawal into a place where no one and no sound can penetrate. It is a sweet moment of peace with or without other people that lets us re-center and reset the rhythm of the mind, body and spirit.

~Joyce Sequichie Hifler

   Day or Weekend Nature Immersion

                                            For Groups or Individuals

Here at Owl & Hawk, we consider time in Nature an essential component to one's well-being. A day or weekend immersed in Nature is a perfect way to re-connect with the earth and with yourself. As a group we learn connection practices (Relaxation, Sensory Awareness, a Qi Gong posture, and Gaia Flow movement). This is followed by a period of solo time within nature's embrace.



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Happy faces after a Day of Nature Immersion at the Sacred Land Sanctuary in Crestone, CO


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