Star Passages

“Without rush or force but with the charge of a great river, Nicole’s voice pours from the soul waters of the world. It is a gift to be guided by such a Truth Walker!”

~Ilka Blue, Creative Ecologist

Nicole Truth Walker, Star Passages Guide


I want to feel both the beauty and the pain of the age we are living in. I want to survive my life without becoming numb. I want to speak and comprehend words of wounding without having these words become the landscape where I dwell. I want to possess a light touch that can elevate darkness to the realm of stars. 

~Terry Tempest Williams

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During this 6-day camping retreat we explore astrology through our innate connection with the natural world. Surrounded by Nature, Earth, and Sky, we embark on a fascinating and visceral journey through your astrological chart, divined and interpreted by master astrologer, Kaypacha. Rites of Passage guides Nicole Lescher and Galaxy Dancer facilitate a series of explorations in Nature to bring you into a deeper connection and understanding of your natal chart and all of its potential.

Practices include ceremony, storytelling and reflection, the “Yoga of Astrology”, nature walks, journal writing, and a personal solo journey camped out on the land. Kaypacha will offer insights into your unique astrological blueprint and personal evolution. In this program you will approach Nature as your partner in exploring both astrological concepts as well as you own life purpose and meaning. We also learn about the ecology of the land and its ancient inhabitants. This program is designed for anyone wanting a deeper connection with their true Self in a natural setting: unplug and savor Nature’s gifts!