"Star Passages has revealed itself to be an honorable experience of many paths interwoven into the web of my existence. Continuously revealing and unfolding a decision I made to meet myself in the wild of earth and stars. Truly complimentary tools to anyone walking through the threshold of a passage.

The guides held amazing space and the insights into Star knowledge applied personally are like water , sunlight and a warm breeze to trees gently beckoning growth."


"Star Passages has been a cherished true gift to myself. My body returned from my time in Canyonlands just under two weeks ago, yet part of me remains there. I am refreshed, reacquainted and renewed, yet I’m not all here. I no longer reside in the past. I’m expanded! A huge part of my soul and spirit emerged and remains... in fellowship, trust and love with my special group and divine guides"  ~ Patricia Lyons

"Star passages was the seeds, a new beginning in my life. It helped me to be more clear about my intentions and to be aware of my Dharma. ... It was a powerful experience for me. After that I was able to connect more with Mother Earth and rreally listen to her. ... Galaxy and Nicole are two special Angels. They truly listen with their whole heart, being really present as they guided us to our intentions. I am really happy I got the opportunity to be with so many amazing souls, they will always be shining in my heart!"  ~ Jacqueline Priolli Schmidt

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"Galaxy beholds the rarest gifts of a guide -- selflessness and a heart that hears. It is an honour to meet this sage on the path of change." 

~ Ilka Blue

"A month has passed since my passage and I have been allowing these energies and teachings to settle as life continues to carve this beautiful path of divine timing. Profound healing for all of us as we created a community.... I hold and see my intention that guides me, reclaiming my story."  ~ Jendala


"I am still integrating the experience and allowing it to continue to keep shaping me and rearranging the way I "thought" life would unfold and how I would present myself in this life. That is the beauty in what you gave each of us... the experience of meeting ourselves in a circle of trust, sacred space and love that allowed us to take off the covers and look deeply into our hearts to listen and hear to the voices of our desires."  ~ Jill Case